Basketball Slave: The Andy Johnson Harlem Globetrotter/NBA Story

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This is not a unique since this seems to occur just about every year since sports popularity exploded across the universe.

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They had their own legends When this country righted itself after a grueling war that emancipated former slaves, they went on to create their own existence and eventually demanded their rightful place in society. It was the hunger for an education that propelled their desire to gain respect and the equanimity they sought.

That pursuit defined the character and determination that helped shape and mold the society we share today. Those values also fueled the competitive spirit in all of us.

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Many became dominant figures in education, sports, entertainment, medicine…well, you get the picture. There was a jubilant pride in accomplishing something which gave all of us something to hope for…honor, achievement and of course, wealth. Playing sports became a new stream of revenue, even though very few African Americans made a decent living at it. It depicts a sobering tale of what happened during the glory days of the Globetrotters, and the saga of a spiraling super talented but misguided youth who forsook an education to pursue his dream of fame and fortune.

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Sound familiar? Sixty years ago, when this episode occurred, you could roll out a ball onto any playground and name any number of young men who suffered the same fate. Somehow, he landed at University of Nevada — Las Vegas even though he hardly had the grades to get out of high school.

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Basketball Slave: The Andy Johnson Harlem Globetrotter Story

He eventually slipped into oblivion after several controversial incidents and played for five years in the NBA with six different teams. Eventually, he fell to the lure of the drug culture and never reached the first rung of success that was within reach. Efficient Roles Portrayed by The Online business Specialists You need great scientific thesis maker for the editing of your project Headlines Popular Comments.

Sports and Games says: He can find a comfort zone at Golden State, w I'm g Repeat or Revenge?

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Basketball Slave: Racism in the Early History of the NBA

To Johnson's surprise, he was cut by Chicago before the season began, allegedly because he "didn't know the plays". Johnson hoped to return to the NBA after a season with the Tapers, but such an opportunity never materialized, and he played five more years in the Eastern Basketball Association.

Because he had been cut by the Chicago Packers before his fifth NBA season, he did not qualify for a pension from the NBA, [2] though after some effort, he managed to receive some money from them later in his life. Johnson is the subject of a biography called Basketball Slave. The book was written by his son, Mark, who believed his father had been exploited throughout his athletic career on account of his ethnicity.

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December 12, February Continental Basketball Association.