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We are currently co-funding multiple drug trials, with the goal of achieving an effective, short, and simple treatment regimen for all forms of TB, including drug-resistant TB. This will help us achieve our goal of a universal drug regimen. Of the estimated We are developing less expensive, more effective diagnostic tools that can reach more people with TB.

We also support the development of communications systems that help more people access appropriate treatment and care. One new technology we helped fund, the GeneXpert diagnostic test, has led to an increase in overall TB case finding and has the potential to more effectively guide proper treatment.

We are currently working on next-generation TB diagnostic tests based on samples that are easier to obtain than sputum, including blood, urine, and potentially even breath or sweat. While these techniques are in the early stages of development, we remain committed and optimistic that they will markedly improve TB detection, facilitate faster treatment, and reduce transmission. BCG, the only available TB vaccine, was developed almost years ago and has limited efficacy after childhood.

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We need a more effective option to accelerate TB prevention. We work with multiple partners to better understand how to protect people against TB with a vaccine, with a focus on how the immune system responds to new vaccines.

This requires lengthy, costly trials because mechanisms of TB protection are poorly understood and there are no known biomarkers that can predict how well a vaccine candidate will work. The group develops guidelines for safely and effectively progressing vaccine candidates through clinical trials, even as questions remain about early signs of efficacy. Among vaccine candidates currently supported in preclinical development, a cytomegalovirus CMV -based vaccine has shown the best protection in animal models.

In India and China, we partner with governments to pilot innovative approaches to modernize TB control. This includes an information and communications technology system to track patients throughout their course of treatment. This model is being scaled up by national health authorities in cities and provinces across the country. Employees at a call center in Patna, India remind TB patients to take their medication, answer any questions and monitor treatment progress through the Universal Access to TB Care program.

We have recently begun to expand our efforts in South Africa, where the new TB Think Tank provides evidence-based policy recommendations to the National Department of Health. We are also supporting an initiative to link health system databases to improve the monitoring of patients and programs. We support the use of data and analytics to drive policy and funding decisions globally and at the national level. We are also supporting the use of adherence technologies that will help patients complete treatment and increase their probability of being cured.

We advocate for greater political commitment and funding to fight TB, particularly for research and development of new tools.

Tuberculosis Symptoms, Causes & Risk Factors

We believe that strengthening partnerships with donor governments and multinational institutions, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and governments of TB-endemic countries is critical to fighting the disease. These partnerships can lead to greater investments in research and development as well as in the delivery of existing and new tools. Seattle, WA ext. Event World Tuberculosis Day - Data Country profile for Spain Country profile - 19 Mar Data Country profile for Ireland Country profile - 19 Mar Prevention and control Online resources Guidance European Union Standards for Tuberculosis Care Management of latent TB infection Policy briefing on interventions for TB prevention and control in vulnerable populations Examples of interventions to manage tuberculosis in vulnerable groups.


Threats and outbreaks Risk assessments and weekly threats reports. Scientific advice Guidance, expert opinions, policy briefings, risk assessments and peer-reviewed publications. Microbiology Timely and accurate laboratory diagnosis of TB is a central component of any TB control programme. Chasing the clones How ECDC is investigating cross-border outbreaks of tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis clones. What is extrapulmonary TB? This infographic explains what tuberculosis and extrapulmonary tuberculosis is Read more.

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Peer-reviewed publications. Cases of TB have decreased in the United States since , but the disease remains a concern. Without proper treatment, up to two-thirds of people ill with tuberculosis will die. Read the article in Spanish. Article last updated by Tim Newman on Fri 16 November Visit our Tuberculosis category page for the latest news on this subject, or sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Tuberculosis. All references are available in the References tab.

Latent tuberculosis infection. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Tuberculosis signs and symptoms.

What Causes TB

The difference between latent TB infection and TB disease. Thomas M. The history of tuberculosis. Respiratory Medicine. Volume , Issue 11, Pages — Treatment of Latent TB Infection. Tuberculosis TB. Tuberculosis and HIV. What is TB?

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Message sent successfully The details of this article have been emailed on your behalf. By James McIntosh. Table of contents What is it? Fast facts on tuberculosis Here are some key points about tuberculosis. The World Health Organization estimates that 9 million people a year get sick with TB, with 3 million of these "missed" by health systems TB is among the top 3 causes of death for women aged 15 to 44 TB symptoms cough, fever , night sweats, weight loss, etc.

TB usually affects the lungs, although it can spread to other organs around the body. TB is most commonly diagnosed via a skin test involving an injection in the forearm. If you have active TB, a face mask can help lower the risk of the disease spreading to other people. Related coverage.

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